Our program is designed to introduce children and athletes to the sport of diving. We are centered around safety and fun. This program teaches the fundamental skills required to perform competitive dives. It also teaches general skills which relate to ALL sports; core body control and balance. Dancers, gymnasts, and extreme sports enthusiast can all benefit from the skills diving offers. Diving also offers a hidden benefit; the collegiate scholarship opportunities and availability are far greater than any other sport. 

Advancing through upper levels is contingent on the divers' individual skill acquisition. Our instructors will allow the divers to progress at their own pace.

We also have programs available with flexible morning or mid-morning times for students exploring alternative sports and/or needing to fulfill  physical educational requirements for home schooling.

Classes available 7 days a week. Call 818-324-3752 for current schedule.


Intro to Diving

Level 1

Tuesday - Thursday - Saturday

9:00am - 10:00am

1 or 2 times per week $140 or $240 monthly

This course introduces the athlete to a solid foundation; the approach and hurdle. It focuses on correct body positioning and proper technic. Strength and exercise training are part of the routine.


Level 2

Tuesday - Thursday

7:00pm - 8:00pm

1 or 2 times per week $140 or $240 monthly

Here divers are exposed to new dive positions and learning the backward, reverse, and inward directions. Focus is on developing body control and balance. New dives and combinations are encouraged.  

           Masters Diving          

   Call 818-324-3752 for times

   6:00pm - 7:00pm Tuesday or THursday


9:00am - 10:00am Satturday

1 times per week (1hr per session) $140 monthly 

Divers are introduced to somersaults and twisting technics. This class focuses on developing a minimum list of dives required for competition.  

 Diving Dogs

Call to schedule a time


$20 per person  45min session (5 minimum)

Kids are provided a safe and fun opportunity to jump or dive from the 1 or 3 meter diving boards. Instruction and support is provided to help children gain courage, self esteem and overcome challenges.


Drop-in/Single Class

$40 per class 1hr session

5 Class Pack

$175 for five1hr sessions